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Department of Organization (IOA)

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Recent submissions:

  • Når ledere taler om ledelse: VL-analyse 2015
    Holt Larsen, Henrik; Poulfelt, Flemming; Nielsen, Rikke K. (Hellerup, 2015)
  • A Critical Ethnographic Study of the Structural Tensions of Organizing Diversity
    Holck, Lotte (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • The conduct and justification of responsible research
    Glerup, Cecilie (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • Identity work performed to manage, negotiate and resolve barriers and tensions that arise in the process of constructing organizational identity in a sustainability context
    Hedegaard, Stine (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • Naar, Liisa; Våland, Marianne Stang (Frederiksberg, 2014)