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Recent submissions:

  • A critical assessment of Fair Trade through the examination of the Argentinean wine industry
    Staricco, Juan Ignacio (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • Political Culture and History in the Nordic Countries
    Østergaard, Uffe (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • Politisk lederskab af store byudviklingsprojekter
    Norn, Peter Andreas (København, 2015)
  • Convergence in Themes from ASEAN, the European Union, IMF, OECD, the UN, and the World Bank?
    Greve, Carsten (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • A deliverable of the project: “Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation” (ITSSOIN), European Commission – 7th Framework Programme
    Brink Lund, Anker; Lilleør, Anton Sylvest (Brussels, 2015)