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Recent submissions:

  • Application of Infinite Relational Models to the FCA Visualization
    Glückstad, Fumiko Kano; Herlau, Tue; Schmidt, Mikkel N.; Mørup, Morten (Frederiksberg, 2013)
  • In contrast to the Relevance Theory of Communication
    Glückstad, Fumiko Kano (Frederiksberg, 2011)
  • A Solution to the Nash Equilibrium?
    Tvarnø, Christina D. (Frederiksberg, 2013)
  • An Analysis of the Implications of ICT on Memory Organizations
    Marton, Attila (Buenos Aires, 2010)
  • Technology versus institutions
    Kallinikos, Jannis; Orebro, Hans Hasselbladh; Marton, Attila (Lisabon, 2010)