Collaborations and management of and through networks


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Collaborations and management of and through networks

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dc.description.abstract The present literature review is prepared as a part of the SUCCESS1 project; a pilot project launched by the EIT with the purpose of benchmarking past and ongoing collaborations in the knowledge triangle of research, education and innovation in the European Union. The empirical focus is the field of climate and energy research. This field is in specific need of more efficient collaborative models that can facilitate knowledge sharing and thereby ease the development of new sustainable energy technologies. Still, the present literature review draws on research done on collaboration in various fields; collaborating on innovation, research or educational aims is imperative to many actors struggling to keep pace in a complex, uncertain and dynamic environment. Thus vital empirical experiences and essential theoretical knowledge about the organizational and managerial dimensions of collaboration may be found in various fields of research, inside as well as outside the field of climate and energy research. en_US
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dc.title Collaborations and management of and through networks en_US
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