Modelling Emotional and Attitudinal Evaluations of Major Sponsors


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Modelling Emotional and Attitudinal Evaluations of Major Sponsors

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dc.description.abstract The paper reports findings from a larger study of sponsors and their relationship to sponsored parties. In the present reporting, the focus is on sponsors. Rather than evaluating such sponsorships in traditional effect hierarchical terms, a conceptual Sponsor Value Model is specified as a structural equation model where the drivers are attitudes towards the sponsorship and emotions towards the sponsorship. It is found that the two classes of variables describe different aspects of the perception of sponsorships, and that they both contribute significantly to the overall value of sponsoring for a particular company. In the present paper, two cases are shown for two major sponsors. The specified Sponsor Value Model is estimated by a partial least squares (PLS) method. It is found that the two sponsors are perceived differently, both in terms of emotional and attitudinal responses. It is also found that the emotional responses aroused by the sponsorships are at least as important as those ascribable to attitudinal elements. Key words: Sponsorship, emotional response, attitudes towards sponsorship, structural equation model en_US
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