Roadmapping as a Tool for Renewing Regulatory Practices


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Roadmapping as a Tool for Renewing Regulatory Practices

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dc.description.abstract The aim of this paper is to explore technological roadmaps to identify key issues concerning the development and utilization of stem cells. From a review of the political decision making processes in three countries, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany we suggest that technological roadmapping in this emerging and discontinued technology can provide critical policy information. This type of policy intelligence can be used to rethink the regulatory practices away from today’s framework based regulation of the emerging technologies towards a regulatory policy based on how to develop regulatory practices based on the content and visions of the technologies in question. In the conclusion we discuss that the positive side effect of such a shift in the regulatory paradigm is that technological roadmapping can be used as a planning tool to deal with priorities in the health care system when the technologies are in its embryonic stage. Key words: Stem cell technologies, Roadmap, S&T policy. en_US
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dc.title Roadmapping as a Tool for Renewing Regulatory Practices en_US
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