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Working Papers (ECON)

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Recent submissions:

  • Vertical Structure and the Risk of Rent Extraction
    Boom, Anette; Buehler, Stefan (Frederiksbarg, 2014)
  • Merlino, Luca Paolo; Parrotta, Pierpaolo; Pozzoli, Dario (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • Andersen, Steffen; Fountain, John; Harrison, Glenn W.; Rutström, Elisabet (Frederiksberg, 2013)
  • Who Gains?
    Boom, Anette; Schwenen, Sebastian (Frederiksberg, 2013)
  • Do We Observe “Creative Destruction” in China?
    Deng, Poul; Jefferson, Gary (Frederiksberg, 2012)