Creative Encounters in the Film Industry


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Creative Encounters in the Film Industry

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dc.description.abstract This Working Paper argues that the film industry is a paradigmatic example of how the organization of the cultural economy is shaped by balancing creativity with contextual issues. In the film industry, organization is far from determined only by creative concerns for content production: Issues of cost, chance and collection also play important roles. Through analyzing creativity and its context in the film industry, the paper explains the industry’s organization, and opens up for understanding its significant national and regional differences. The paper carries out a literature study of economic, socioeconomic and economic geography literature on the film industry, analyzing the importance of creativity, cost, chance and collection in the film industry, and exemplifies how these issues are balanced differently in different clusters. The analytical framework presented in the paper may be used to understanding different "models” of filmmaking. Creativity, film industry, organization, innovation, transaction costs en_US
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