Multinational Exploration of Acquired R&D Activities


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Multinational Exploration of Acquired R&D Activities

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dc.description.abstract This paper presents the results of a survey of 54 Danish multinational corporations that have acquired activities abroad. The role of the acquired R&D units was the focus of the survey, particularly with respect to the schism between basic and applied R&D, and the schism between autonomous and network R&D. This paper establishes the connection between a multinational corporation that follows a capability-motivated acquisition strategy and the R&D role new subsidiaries should play in order for the acquired resources to be utilized corporation-wide. Statistical findings reveal the need to follow a combination of basic and network-oriented R&D activities when focusing on capability development. Keywords: Acquisition; Research and Development (R&D), Basic R&D, Applied R&D, Autonomy, Network, Capabilities. en_US
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dc.title Multinational Exploration of Acquired R&D Activities en_US
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