Toward a Phase-Model of Global Knowledge Management Systems in Multinational Corporations


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Toward a Phase-Model of Global Knowledge Management Systems in Multinational Corporations

Vis færre oplysninger Bernhard Nielsen, Bo en_US Michailova, Snejina en_US 2009-02-04T10:26:42Z 2009-02-04T10:26:42Z 2004-08-02T00:00:00Z en_US
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dc.description.abstract According to Heinrich v. Pierer, CEO at Siemens, "an e-business year is only three months long. If you want to be a leader in this fast-paced world, you must be faster than the others. Just being on board is by far not enough". The ability to be faster than others, however, is only relevant if it is linked to management of key assets in the pursuit of continuous competitive advantage. The key asset of the present is knowledge and in the future it is likely to be continuous and timely innovation based on effective management of knowledge assets. Most firms today, however, lack an effective Knowledge Management System. Although many companies have Management Information Systems in place, this is only the first step in a knowledge-based company. Companies that understand and actively manage the process of designing, developing and advancing effective KMS’ are likely to, in the words of Heinrich v. Pierer, "e-outperform competition and become leaders of the e-conomy". Using examples from a number of large multinational companies this paper proposes a phase model for the development of a global Knowledge Management System with attention to pertinent policy and management issues in each stage. Keywords: Knowledge management system, phase-model, multinational corporation, management actions en_US
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dc.title Toward a Phase-Model of Global Knowledge Management Systems in Multinational Corporations en_US
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