The Source of Competitive Advantage and Entrepreneurial Judgment in the RBV


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The Source of Competitive Advantage and Entrepreneurial Judgment in the RBV

Vis færre oplysninger Ishikawa, Ibuki en_US 2009-02-04T10:27:23Z 2009-02-04T10:27:23Z 2006-03-28T00:00:00Z en_US
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dc.description.abstract The purpose of this paper is to identify the source of competitive advantage in the resource based view of strategic management literature. In particular, it is argued that the source of competitive advantage is rooted in entrepreneur judgment. In this argument, this paper consists largely of three parts: firstly, a brief survey of the theoretical framework of the RBV of strategic management, particularly to identify critically the resource conception in the sense of what RBV scholars understand; secondly, to argue the significance of exploiting the Austrian perspective, especially focusing on Lachmann (1947,1956), Mises (1946) and Knight (1921) to improve the RBV framework; thirdly, to apply the Austrian perspective to the RBV and demonstrate that the source of competitive advantage is derived from entrepreneurial judgment per se, not the resource per se, and to discuss some possible future research avenues for further development. It becomes clear through this paper that a strategy is mainly seen as the quest for the entrepreneurial judgmental rent. The major insight of this paper is that taking the entrepreneur insight from the Austrian school of thought is the fruitful way to understand the source of competitive advantage. Jel Code: B25, D21, D81, M13 en_US
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dc.title The Source of Competitive Advantage and Entrepreneurial Judgment in the RBV en_US
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dc.title.subtitle Insights from the Autrian School Perspective en_US

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