Taxation and venture capital-backed entrepreneurship


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Taxation and venture capital-backed entrepreneurship

Vis færre oplysninger Keuschnigg, Christian en_US Nielsen, Søren Bo en_US 2009-02-04T10:27:48Z 2009-02-04T10:27:48Z 2004-01-28T00:00:00Z en_US
dc.description.abstract In recent years, venture capital has increasingly become a factor in the financing of new firms. We examine how the value of mature firms determines the incentives of entrepreneurs to start up new firms and of venture capitalists to finance and advise them. We examine how capital gains taxes as well as subsidies to start-up costs of new firms affect venture capital-backed entrepreneurship. We also argue that dividend and capital gains taxes on mature firms have important consequences for start-up firms as well. JEL Classification: D82, G24, H24 and H25 Keywords: double moral hazard, entrepreneurship, taxes and venture capital en_US
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dc.title Taxation and venture capital-backed entrepreneurship en_US
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