Foreign market entry in transition economies


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Foreign market entry in transition economies

Vis færre oplysninger Jakobsen, Kristian en_US 2009-02-04T10:28:08Z 2009-02-04T10:28:08Z 2008-10-13T00:00:00Z en_US
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dc.description.abstract This dissertation consists of an introduction followed by four papers on issues related to the choice of entry timing and entry mode in transition economies. Below is a list of the papers that is included in the dissertation with information about their current publication status and coauthorships. * Jakobsen, K. 2007. First mover advantages in Central and Eastern Europe: A comparative analysis of performance measures, Journal of East-West Business, 13(1), 35-61. * Jakobsen, K. 2008. Competition for Markets in the Brewing Industry in Central and Eastern Europe. In J. Larimo (Ed.) Perspectives on Internationalization and International Management, Vassan Yliopiston Julkaisuja, p. 299-316. ISBN 978-952-476-228-1 * Jakobsen, K., & Meyer, K. E. 2008. Partial Acquisition: The overlooked entry mode. In J. H. Dunning and P. Gugler (eds.) Progress in International Business Research 2, Elsevier Science, p. 203-226. ISBN 978-0-7623-1475-1. * Jakobsen, K., & Meyer, K. E. 2007. Negotiating entry modes: Partial acquisitions in transition economies. Revise and resubmit at International Business Review en_US
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dc.relation.ispartofseries Ph.d.serie;18.2008 en_US
dc.subject.other ph.d.-afhandlinger en_US
dc.title Foreign market entry in transition economies en_US
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dc.title.subtitle Entry timing and mode choice en_US

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