Management accounting and integrated information systems


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Management accounting and integrated information systems

Vis færre oplysninger Rom, Anders en_US 2009-02-04T10:28:22Z 2009-02-04T10:28:22Z 2008-03-14T00:00:00Z en_US
dc.identifier.isbn 9788759383520 en_US
dc.description.abstract A lag seems to exist between management accounting techniques and management accounting practices of organisations (Bjørnenak, 1997a). The accounting lag exists in spite of the interaction taking place between academia and practice in terms of researchers conducting field studies and management accountants attending research-based courses before and during their careers in practice. en_US
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dc.relation.ispartofseries Ph.d.serie;2008-05 en_US
dc.subject.other ph.d.-afhandlinger en_US
dc.title Management accounting and integrated information systems en_US
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dc.contributor.corporation Copenhagen Business School. CBS en_US
dc.contributor.department Institut for Regnskab og Revision en_US
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dc.contributor.departmentuk Department of Accounting and Auditing en_US
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dc.idnumber 9788759383520 en_US København en_US
dc.publisher.year 2008 en_US
dc.title.subtitle How to exploit the potential for management accounting of information technology en_US

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