Governing Knowledge


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Governing Knowledge

Vis færre oplysninger Foss, Nicolai J. Minbaeva, Dana B. 2009-03-26T14:28:28Z 2009-03-26 2009-03-26T14:28:28Z 2009-03-26T14:28:28Z
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dc.description.abstract SHRM increasingly emphasizes HRM practices as means to build strategic knowledge resources such as superior capabilities. While the knowledge-based view increasingly pays attention to micro-foundations, the SHRM field neglects these and emphasizes collective constructs such as “human capital pools,” “HRM architectures”, etc. As a result, causal links between HRM practices, knowledge and organizational performance are black-boxed. We propose a program for research and identify some of the key issues that future research must deal with. en
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dc.title Governing Knowledge en
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dc.title.subtitle The Strategic Human Resource Management Dimension en

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