Asian Anticipations of Cosmopolis


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Asian Anticipations of Cosmopolis

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dc.description.abstract In this paper, and even more in presentation, I will be going out rather far out on the limb of my training in industrial relations. Such is, perhaps, the intent of the collaborative process envisioned by Lonergan, no less than the theme of this conference. It will be evident from my referencing specializations far from my field, along with the shaky tone of voice, that the limb is beginning to bend and, perhaps, may be about to give way. If the participants could offer a turning word that will aid this investigation, I would be grateful. This paper takes the form of an extended essay. We begin with a very simple and specific policy proposal for the current U.S. economic crisis, which I offer from my studies in industrial relations. Thereafter, as the section headings suggest, we will venture far afield. The distance travelled is necessary due to the topic, the nations, and the cultures involved. My aim is, first, to shed light upon one particular set of decisions taken in Japan, in the immediate aftermath of the Pacific War, and how these effected industrial relations developments thereafter. Second, and on a different level of analysis, I will present evidence that singular collaboration took place in Japanese history, at a specific point in time, that certainly appears to anticipate the notion of cosmopolis as Lonergan describes this utopian scheme. Third, I will end with brief points of possible further interest to Lonergan scholars. en_US
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