Notes for a Theory of Values


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Notes for a Theory of Values

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dc.description.abstract This paper starts from the premise that all forms of socio-economic behaviour are motivated and underpinned by values of one kind or another. The study of culture is thus a study of the values that constitute that culture. In their plural form, values constitute our socio-cultural beliefs and moral principles. However, in its singular form, value relates to economic utility, price and worth. The aim of this working paper is to examine the relation between economic and cultural values which, it is argued, constitute a field of values that are (re)produced, negotiated and transacted in the context of creative products. This field consists of technical, affective, social, situational, appreciative and functional values. Together these create a qualitative symbolic exchange value which is often then exchanged for a quantitative economic value. The paper outlines how each of these values works and interacts with other values in the context of creative industries. en_US
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dc.title Notes for a Theory of Values en_US
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