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Socio-Spatial-History Recorder

Vis færre oplysninger Vatrapu, Ravi Joseph, Sam 2009-12-17 2009-12-17T07:33:13Z 2009-12-17T07:33:13Z 2009-12-17
dc.identifier.isbn 9788792524058
dc.description.abstract The Socio-Spatial History Recorder system provides a one-stop single-user action solution to creating, tagging, geo-coding, archiving, sharing and streaming of digital artifacts. Users of this solution will no longer need to perform intermediary actions to edit, prepare, and publish their digital artifacts to the Internet or their social networks. For example, in the case of digital still images, this system offers a one-click solution to sharing a digital artifact. An user can shoot a picture, geo-code the picture, display the picture in a mapping application, and share it with another user all by one and only one shutter click on the digital still image capturing device. Social sharing rules and rights can be set up in advance or dynamically configured and the digital artifacts can be encrypted if desired or required. Practical uses of this system in the social domain include unobtrusive social sharing of digital artifacts embedded in their rich interactional contexts. Practical uses are also in application domains that require or would benefit from unobtrusive collection of rich ecological data without disrupting and/or interrupting the user's primary activity cycle. en_US
dc.format.extent 11 s. en_US
dc.language eng en_US
dc.publisher Center for Applied ICT en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries Working Paper;2009-06
dc.subject.other Artificial en_US
dc.subject.other augmented en_US
dc.subject.other virtual realities en_US
dc.subject.other Theory and methods en_US
dc.subject.other Training en_US
dc.subject.other help and documentation en_US
dc.subject.other User-centered design en_US
dc.title Socio-Spatial-History Recorder en_US
dc.type wp en_US
dc.accessionstatus modt09dec17 mm en_US
dc.contributor.corporation Copenhagen Business School. CBS en_US
dc.contributor.department Center for Applied Information and Communication Technology en_US
dc.contributor.departmentshort CAICT en_US
dc.contributor.departmentuk Center for Applied Information and Communication Technology en_US
dc.contributor.departmentukshort CAICT en_US
dc.idnumber 9788792524058 en_US Frederiksberg en_US
dc.publisher.year 2009 en_US
dc.title.subtitle A Single User-Action Solution to Creating, Tagging, Geo-Coding, Archiving, Sharing, and Streaming of Digital Artifacts, Objects, and Content en_US

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