Re-scaling Governance in Berlin’s Creative Economy


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Re-scaling Governance in Berlin’s Creative Economy

Vis færre oplysninger Lange, Dr. Bastian 2009-12-17 2009-12-17T14:54:35Z 2009-12-17T14:54:35Z 2009-12-17
dc.description.abstract The paper aims at discussing the issue of governance in respect to creative scenes, a central structural element of the creative economy, exemplifying the case of Berlin. Berlin has a fast growing creative industry that has become the object of the city’s development policies and place marketing. The core question is: What are the spatial-organizational driving forces of creativity in Berlin - can they be steered by public administration? I am using Berlin as a reference case to articulate the gap between ‘state-led planning’ on the one hand and the organisational practices of self-governed creative scenes on the other. I attempt to demonstrate why a perspective change in terms of re-scaling is necessary, in order to respond to the particular practices of emerging industries and their societal form “scenes”. By re-scaling I mean the conceptualization of governance in different non-hierarchical organisational as well as spatial scales, based on the observation that scenes are considered to be a central element of the functionality of creative industries. en_US
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dc.title Re-scaling Governance in Berlin’s Creative Economy en_US
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