Triangulating product and process data


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Triangulating product and process data

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dc.description.abstract The paper discusses a method to triangulate process and product data. We suggest converting Translog data into a relational format which contains both process and product data. We outline how this representation allows us to retrieve and correlate the various dimensions of the data more easily. The concept of Alignment Unit (AU) is introduced and contrasted with that of Translation Unit (TU). While AUs refer to translation equivalences in the source and target texts of the product data, TUs refer to cognitive entities that can be observed in the process data. With an (almost) exhaustive fragmentation of the source and target texts into AUs, we are able to distribute and allocate the entire set of keystroke data to appropriate AUs. Using the properties of the keystroke data, AUs are quantified in a novel way which enables us to visualise and investigate the structure of translation production on a fine-grained scale. en_US
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dc.title Triangulating product and process data en_US
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dc.title.subtitle Quantifying alignment units with keystroke data en_US

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