Framework of a probabilistic gaze mapping model for reading


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Framework of a probabilistic gaze mapping model for reading

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dc.description.abstract One of the aims of the Eye-to-IT project is to investigate the possibility of using eye-tracking devices for detecting situations of targeted help for human translators. A prerequisite for automated assistance in human translation is the understanding and modelling of reading behaviour, the ability to follow human eye movements and to map gaze sample points — the output of eyetracking devices — onto words and symbols fixated. Within the Eye-to-IT project we currently use a so-called “Gaze-to- Word Mapping” (GWM) device (ˇSpakov 2008) that first computes possible fixations from sequences of gaze sample coordinates and then maps the fixations on the words which are likely to be fixated. This paper suggests an alternative framework of a probabilistic gaze mapping model for reading, in which fixations on textual objects are directly computed from the gaze sample points. The framework integrates various knowledge sources with the aim to compute the most likely fixations on words and symbols on the basis of the available data. en_US
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dc.title Framework of a probabilistic gaze mapping model for reading en_US
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