Stories, Tales and Narrative all hint at the same idea...


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Stories, Tales and Narrative all hint at the same idea...

Vis færre oplysninger Rai, Sudhanshu Chatterjee, Sutirtha Sarker, Suprateek 2010-05-25 2010-05-25T12:08:31Z 2010-05-25T12:08:31Z 2010-05-25
dc.description.abstract The paper we present here discusses ICT innovation in India using a narrative framework; we argue that ICT Innovation has not really been a subject matter sufficiently researched in Information systems from the perspective of innovation in developing countries. We use grounded theory inspired approach, we discover three narratives of innovation in India; a) the supply narrative, the b) technology narrative c) the collaborative narrative. We detect the evolution but are aware that the result we have obtained here is far more granulated needing further investigation. What is unique however the emergence of a narrative for collaboration is as we indicate in this paper. We aim to continue further work to understand the factors involved in the emergence and shift of these narratives. en_US
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dc.title Stories, Tales and Narrative all hint at the same idea... en_US
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