Processes of Strategic Renewal,


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Processes of Strategic Renewal,

Vis færre oplysninger Harald Aadne, John Mahnke, Volker 2010-07-02 2010-07-02T08:52:57Z 2010-07-02T08:52:57Z 2010-07-02
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dc.description.abstract We discuss strategic renewal from a competence perspective. We argue that the management of speed and timing in this process is viewed distinctively when perceived through a cognitive lens. Managers need more firmly grounded process-understanding. The key idea of this paper is to dynamically conceptualize key activities of strategic renewal, and possible sources of break-down as they relate to the managment of speed and timing. Based on a case from the media industry, we identify managerial trade-offs and show how these can be influenced through managing subjective perception, strategic involvement and external knowledge-sourcing. en_US
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dc.publisher Copenhagen Business School en_US
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dc.subject.other Strategic Renewal, Process, Learning, Knowledge-Sourcing en_US
dc.title Processes of Strategic Renewal, en_US
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