Modern Resource-Based Theory(ies)


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Modern Resource-Based Theory(ies)

Vis færre oplysninger Foss, Nicolai J. Stieglitz, Nils 2010-09-22 2010-09-22T13:44:40Z 2010-09-22T13:44:40Z 2010-09-22
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dc.description.abstract We survey the resource-based view in strategic management, focusing on its roots in economics. We organize our discussion in terms of the Gavetti and Levinthal distinction between a “high church” and a “low church” resource-based view, and argue that these hitherto rather separate streams are increasingly overlapping. en_US
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dc.relation.ispartofseries SMG Working Paper;4/2010
dc.title Modern Resource-Based Theory(ies) en_US
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dc.contributor.corporation Copenhagen Business School. CBS en_US
dc.contributor.corporationshort Center for Strategic Management and Globalization (SMG) en_US
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dc.contributor.departmentuk Center for Strategic Management and Globalization en_US
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