Joint Problem Solving in Buyer-Supplier Relationships


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Joint Problem Solving in Buyer-Supplier Relationships

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dc.description.abstract Problems are inevitable in buyer supplier relationships. Purchasing professionals spend considerable time solving operational problems, such as those pertaining to quality and delivery performance. This paper reports on a qualitative study of problem solving processes in three buyer-supplier relationships. These processes are time consuming, costly, and involve a number of actors in both the buying and supplying companies. The theoretical framework that forms the basis for the study is the problem solving model of Lang, Dittrich, and White (1978). The findings show that coordination of problem perceptions and motivation of all involved actors are main challenges for the responsible problem solver. Furthermore, communication plays a vital role to mobilize the involved actors. en_US
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dc.title Joint Problem Solving in Buyer-Supplier Relationships en_US
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dc.description.notes The 4th International Conference on Business Market Management, 18th-20th of March 2009, Copenhagen
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dc.title.subtitle Motivational and Perceptual Challenges en_US

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