Using ICT Innovation as a Leaver to Break Out of the Developed-developing Paradigm


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Using ICT Innovation as a Leaver to Break Out of the Developed-developing Paradigm

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dc.description.abstract In this paper I present a framework of innovation and then use the framework on interview data collected to reflect and gain insight on the status of ICT Innovation using India as a case. The central question I pose in this paper is how ICT Innovativeness can be articulated. In this paper I argue that innovativeness is a dynamic concept distinct from notions of R&D, although elements of innovativeness determine the outcome of successful R&D but a successful R&D does not necessarily imply that the is innovative. We make distinction between R&D and innovation, using the distinction we demonstrate how the dynamic nature of innovation needs to be understood distinctly different from R&D, I propose that R&D is a institutional arrangement while innovativness is a contextual phenomena being determined by factors both inside and outside the business entity. I conclude this paper with a framework for understanding the dynamic nature of ICT Innovativeness, I use data from India to reflect on the research question. en_US
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dc.title Using ICT Innovation as a Leaver to Break Out of the Developed-developing Paradigm en_US
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dc.title.subtitle The Indian Innovative Journey, Reflections and Challenges en_US

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