Incremental Re-training for Post-editing SMT


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Incremental Re-training for Post-editing SMT

Vis færre oplysninger Hardt, Daniel Elming, Jakob 2011-01-20 2011-02-18T12:25:43Z 2011-02-18T12:25:43Z 2011-02-17
dc.description.abstract A method is presented for incremental retraining of an SMT system, in which a local phrase table is created and incrementally updated as a file is translated and post-edited. It is shown that translation data from within the same file has higher value than other domain-specific data. In two technical domains, within-file data increases BLEU score by several full points. Furthermore, a strong recency effect is documented; nearby data within the file has greater value than more distant data. It is also shown that the value of translation data is strongly correlated with a metric defined over new occurrences of ngrams. Finally, it is argued that the incremental re-training prototype could serve as the basis for a practical system which could be interactively updated in real time in a post-editing setting. Based on the results here, such an interactive system has the potential to dramatically improve translation quality. en_US
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dc.title Incremental Re-training for Post-editing SMT en_US
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dc.description.notes Fremlagt på The Ninth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas 2010 en_US
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