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Informational Balance

Vis færre oplysninger Müller, Henrik Høeg 2011-03-01 2011-03-01T11:49:41Z 2011-03-01T11:49:41Z 2011-03-01
dc.description.abstract The title of my talk is “Informational balance. Understanding Romance and Germanic Compounding in a lexico-typological perspective”. What I basically mean by informational balance is that semantic content is distributed systematically differently between nouns and verbs in the Romance and Germanic languages, and that this distribution is complementary. I shall explain that in detail in a minute, but first I shall introduce you to the problem, which I believe can be explained on the basis of this idea about “informational balance”. en_US
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dc.title Informational Balance en_US
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dc.title.subtitle Understanding Romance and Germanic Compounding in a Lexico-typological Perspective en_US

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