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Conference papers (ITM)

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Recent submissions:

  • Visual Analytics for Social Business Intelligence - Tool Prototype Demo
    Zimmerman, Chris; Vatrapu, Ravi (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • A dispositif analysis perspective
    Dyrby, Signe (Frederiksberg, 2013)
  • The Case of Drug Helplines
    Fagerstrøm, Asle; Sørum, Hanne; Vatrapu, Ravi (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • Exploring Sources of Ineffectiveness in Multi-Level IT Use
    Stein, Mari-Klara; Lim, Eric T. K.; Tan, Chee-Wee (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • A Comparative Study of Centralized & Decentralized Digital Payment Providers
    Kazan, Erol; Tan, Chee-Wee; Lim, Eric T. K. (Frederiksberg, 2014)