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Conference papers (DIGI)

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  • Hardt, Daniel; Rambow, Owen (Copenhagen, 2017)
  • The end of Agile as we know it?
    Babb, Jeffry; Nørbjerg, Jacob; Yates, David J.; Waguespack, Leslie J. (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • Evidence for a Uniform Account
    Hardt, Daniel (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • Reflections on Digital ‘Focal Things and Practices’ in the Wilderness
    Bødker, Mads (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • A Mixed-Methods Study of a Non-Profit Organization
    Razmerita, Liana; Tan, Chee-Wee (Frederiksberg, 2017)