Communication and Collaboration in Subsidiaries in China


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Communication and Collaboration in Subsidiaries in China

Vis færre oplysninger Søderberg, Anne-Marie Worm, Verner 2011-10-14 2011-10-14T06:54:42Z 2011-10-14T06:54:42Z 2011-10-14
dc.description.abstract The purpose of this article is to explore how Chinese and expatriate managers, working in subsidiaries of five MNCs, communicate and collaborate, what kind of cultural encounters they talk about and give prominence to in their accounts of critical incidents, how they reflect upon them/ explain them, and how they cope with perceived similarities and differences to improve cross-cultural communication and collaboration within a global organization. Using an inductive qualitative methodology and thematic analysis, the study draws on indepth narrative interviews with 29 expatriate and 39 Chinese managers and experts. The specific value of this paper is that it explores a hitherto under-researched issue and provides insight into well-educated expatriate and Chinese managers´ accounts of how they perceive themselves and others in a multicultural work context. In both groups we find widely traveled, flexible and open-minded people, who are ready and have the capabilities to conduct cross-cultural leadership. en_US
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dc.title Communication and Collaboration in Subsidiaries in China en_US
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dc.description.notes Post-print of article published in European Journal of Cross Cultural Competence and Management, vol. 2 no. 1, 2011 en_US
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