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Working Papers (MPP/LPF)

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  • Brand Identity, Club Authenticity and Fan Acceptance
    Junghagen, Sven; Lillo, Gonzalo Leal (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • The Policy Trilemma of Central Bank Digital Currency
    Bjerg, Ole (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • A study of the profits from money creation in the United Kingdom and Denmark
    Bjerg, Ole; McCann, Duncan; Macfarlane, Laurie; Nielsen, Rasmus Hougaard; Ryan-Collins, Josh (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • The Rules Of The Game As They Develop In Trier’s And Leth’s The Five Obstructions
    Raffnsøe, Sverre (Frederiksberg, 2016)
  • Maersk Drilling in Angola
    Vallentin, Steen (Frederiksberg, 2015)