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Conference papers (INT)

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Recent submissions:

  • Kairos, and the spatio-temporal “quality” of Strategic Leadership
    Andersen, Torben; Gatti, Luca; Tompson, Tim (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • Juul Andersen, Torben; Andersson, Ulf; Palmié, Maximilian; Keupp, Matthias (Frederiksberg, 2015)
  • Stakeholder Sensing and Predictions of Emergent Strategic Issues
    Hallin, Carina Antonia; Juul Andersen, Torben (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • The Yin-Yang Process of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Mechanisms
    Juul Andersen, Torben; Hallin, Carina Antonia; Li, Xin (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • Hallin, Carina Antonia; Juul Andersen, Torben; Ooi, Can Seng (Frederiksberg, 2014)