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Via OpenArchive@CBS the CBS Library offers convenient access to CBS research. OpenArchive@CBS is a full-text archive that allows you to search and download CBS research publications.

OpenArchive@CBS covers different aspects of the scientific process at CBS. Current content is mainly working papers (ca. 1450) and PhD theses (ca. 40) pending the (imminent) inclusion of pre- and post-prints of scientific journal articles.

OpenArchive@CBS was developed and is maintained by the CBS Library as an institutional repository containing the published and publicly accessible scientific output of the CBS. The full-text archive was launched in 2003 and in the summer of 2009 the system platform migrated to DSpace.

On the CBS Web, the contents of the OpenArchive@CBS are displayed via the Knowledge Portal where items are linked to records contained in the research database, Research@CBS. These data are disseminated to various international working paper systems such as S-WOPEC, S-WOBA and REPEC.

Although documents can be viewed by all recent internet web browsers, they have been optimized for Internet Explorer version 7 and Firefox version 3.

A minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels is recommended

Open Access at CBS
In April 2008 CBS signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access. The CBS urges researchers to file their published work in open access full- text archives. OpenArchive@CBS supports this policy and CBS efforts to promote [Open Access].

For more information about OpenArchive@CBS, please contact Lise Gade.

For more information about Open Access at CBS, please contact Leif Hansen.