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Working Papers (OM/PEØ)

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Recent submissions:

  • An empirical case study of a renewal process
    Beyer, Peter (Frederiksberg, 2010)
  • How risk management frames the possible actions for managing risks
    Christiansen, Ulrik (Frederiksberg, 2013)
  • Red thread from a Workshop
    Prockl, Günter; Gammelgaard, Britta (Frederiksberg, 2012)
  • Understanding ERP Usage as Complex Responsive Processes of Conversations in the Daily Practices of a Special Operations Force
    Christiansen, Ulrik; Kjærgaard, Annemette; Hartmann, Rasmus Koss (Frederiksberg, 2011)
  • Koss Rasmussen, Rasmus (Frederiksberg, 2011)