Motivations for Employee Computer Crime


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Motivations for Employee Computer Crime

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dc.description.abstract Within the IS security field, employee computer crime has received increased attention. Indeed, a number of researchers have focused their attention on the behaviour of the ‘insider’, both prior to and during the perpetration. Despite this, there is currently an absence of academic insight into the problem of workplace disgruntlement and how this may motivate employee computer crime. To address this deficiency, this paper draws on a body of knowledge called ‘organisational justice’, which examines how perceptions of fairness are formed. Under this umbrella term are four constructs which relate to different organisational phenomena and influence employees’ fairness perceptions. It is believed that these constructs, entitled distributive, procedural, interactional and informational justice, and the theories which underpin them, can not only assist in understanding, but also in mitigating disgruntlement. To illustrate this, a case of employee computer sabotage is analysed, highlighting which forms of organisational justice occurred, and how they could have been addressed. The discussion section notes how mitigating disgruntlement provides a new area for safeguard implementation, with the final part of the paper discussing the conclusions and potential for future research. en
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