Natural Resources in Greenland


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Natural Resources in Greenland

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dc.description.abstract This article includes as Part One factual information on Greenland and the structure of the Greenlandic economy, and factual information on the Sahara Region, south of Morocco. It is needed in order to have a basic understanding of what Greenland and the Sahara region are, seen from an economic, political and geographical point of view. Furthermore, the current economic situation in both Greenland and the Sahara region is presented together with the development of the last years. Part Two of the article deals with the constitutional framework conditions for Greenland in relation to being part of the Danish Realm, Greenland being situated in the Arctic with a geostrategic position for more Southern powers (America, the Nordic countries and Russia), being inhabited by indigenous people and having a prominent position in relation to sustainability. It also deals with “the Moroccan Initiative for Negotiating an Autonomy Statute for the Sahara Region” , as presented by Morocco to the Security Council on 11 April 2007. Part Three deals with natural resources both in Greenland and the Sahara Region. Firstly a short introduction to living resources, mainly the fisheries is presented. Secondly, the mineral resources are presented and analysed in depth. It includes the search for minerals, petroleum and gas before and after 1979. Furthermore, it includes the development and content of the mineral laws. In this context, the Greenland strategy for mining is presented. Finally, the status on minerals and petroleum resources in Greenland and the Sahara region is presented. Part Four includes the conclusion and the perspectives for ownership and management resources that can be learnt from the Greenland experiences, in particular in the context of the Moroccan Initiative for the Autonomy of the Sahara Region. en_US
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