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Working Papers (MPP/LPF)

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Recent submissions:

  • The Cultivation and Propagation of Aesthetic Experience after its Declaration of Independence
    Raffnsøe, Sverre (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • A prescriptive perspective
    Obed Madsen, Søren (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • The problem of parity in Kumhof and Noone's design principles for Central Bank Digital Currencies
    Bjerg, Ole (Frederiksberg, 2018)
  • Fra ineffektiv rentepolitik til digitale centralbankpenge
    Nielsen, Rasmus Hougaard (Frederiksberg, 2018)
  • A Review of Danmarks Nationalbank's Analysis of CBDC
    Bjerg, Ole; Nielsen, Rasmus Hougaard (Frederiksberg, 2018)