Digital technologies and a changing profession


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Digital technologies and a changing profession

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dc.description.abstract Digital technologies are profoundly disturbing not only news delivery, but also the whole organization of news work. The relationship between digital technologies and news has been investigated especially in media and journalism studies. Scholars in these fields have followed the introduction of digital technologies into news work (Ursell, 2001; Pavlik, 2000, 2013; Saltzis and Dickinson, 2008; Meikle and Redden, 2011, Plesner 2010), and dealt with a range of organizational consequences of this development. In studies of news organizations, it has been pointed out that the question of digital technology appropriation is not just important for technical or economic reasons, but because it affects organizational structures, work practices and representations (Boczkowski, 2004). For instance, reporters and editors must manage market pressures and time pressures in new ways (Klinenberg, 2005) due to the technological development towards a convergent newsroom. Two recurrent themes in this stream of literature treat the topics of changed professional identities and changed professional relations – topics that are central to organization studies. en_US
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dc.title Digital technologies and a changing profession en_US
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dc.title.subtitle New management devices, practices and power relations in news work en_US

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