Competitiveness in Road Transport


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Competitiveness in Road Transport

Vis færre oplysninger Borgström, Benedikte Gammelgaard, Britta Bruun, Poul 2016-11-08T12:30:20Z 2016-11-08T12:30:20Z 2016-11-08
dc.description.abstract Road transport is an important sector, connecting time and space of production and consumption. Its market conditions has changed. The EU single market implementation has increased price pressure due to supply of low cost road freight transport from counties with lower cost structures. Changes in the market also encourage strategic development of some road hauliers into providers of unique services. Such road haulier strategic development contributes to efficiency and effectiveness in basically all business sectors of EU. Little research is available of such strategic and operational management. In this paper we will explore that knowledge gap and analyze what value proposition(s) and capabilities can transform potential cost disadvantages of acting in a market that includes both high- and low-cost-country actors? And in conceptual terminology, how are capabilities deployed and developed to construct a competitive value proposition? We will illustrate the strategy-as-practice with two projects, and discuss implications in terms of capabilities needed to create an effective value proposition and hence competitiveness. The theoretical contribution is in theorizing haulier strategic development in which we take into account logistics service supplier strategic management. We also contribute with better understanding of value creation in order to escape commoditization and differentiate services through relationships (customers and/or other hauliers). Practical implications concern hauliers’ strategy creation and to some extent road transport buyers in terms of more informed market knowledge. en_US
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dc.title Competitiveness in Road Transport en_US
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dc.description.notes Paper presented at the 11th European Research Seminar (ERS) on Logistics and SCM (ERS2016). May 12-13 2016, Wien, Austria en_US Frederiksberg en_US
dc.publisher.year 2016 en_US
dc.title.subtitle The Market Liberalized Haulier en_US

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