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Working Papers (SMG)

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Recent submissions:

  • Matching Heterogenous Open Innovation Strategies with Business Model Dimensions
    Saebi, Tina; Foss, Nicolai J. (Bergen, 2014)
  • The Supporting Role of Organizational Design
    Ahrensbach Rasmussen, Klement; Nicolai J., Foss (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • The Theory of Mind in Principal-agent Relations
    Linder, Stefan; Foss, Nicolai J.; Stea, Diego (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • The Role of Leadership
    Foss, Nicolai; Stieglitz, Nils (Frederiksberg, 2014)
  • A Case of Kuhnian Lost Content
    Foss, Kirsten; Foss, Nicolai (Frederiksberg, 2014)