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Recent submissions:

  • A Bottom-Up Spatial (Frontier) Model with an Application to a Spanish Electricity Network
    Argüelles, Pablo; Orea, Luis (Frederiksberg, 2020)
  • Electrification and Household Welfare in India
    Sedai, Ashish Kumar; Nepal, Rabindra; Jamasb, Tooraj (Frederiksberg, 2020)
  • Imam, Mahmud I.; Jamasb, Tooraj; Llorca, Manuel (Frederiksberg, 2020)
  • Evidence from the Italian Electricity Sector
    Golnoush, Soroush; Cambini, Carlo; Jamasb, Tooraj; Llorca, Manuel (Frederiksberg, 2020)
  • From RIIO-1 to RIIO-2
    Jamasb, Tooraj (Frederiksberg, 2020)