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  • Determinants, Trajectories, and Outcomes
    Gutiérrez, Adrián Luis Mérida (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • A prescriptive perspective
    Obed Madsen, Søren (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • A Comparative Study of the Policies on Inclusion and Equity in the Circumpolar North
    Beaton, Mhairi C.; Hirshberg, Diane B.; Maxwell, Gregor R.; Spratt, Jennifer (Rovaniemi, 2019)
  • Succesfaktorer og adfærdsmæssige konsekvenser
    Olsen, Mia (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • Gender, Fertility and Education
    Rosenbaum, Philip (Frederiksberg, 2019)