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Conference papers (OM/PEØ)

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Recent submissions:

  • A Systematic Literature Review of Road Freight Transport
    Benedikte, Borgström; Gammelgaard, Britta; Wieland, Andreas (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • A strategy-as-practice Perspective
    Borgström, Benedikte; Gammelgaard, Britta (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • Borgström, Benedikte (Frederiksberg, 2017)
  • An ANT Study of the Roles of the Price in Decisions to Invest in Child Protection
    Schrøder, Ida (Frederiksberg, 2016)
  • Representation of Services in Contractual Agreements
    Harjo, Ieva; Frandsen, Thomas; Hsuan, Juliana (Frederiksberg, 2016)