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Conference Papers (AA/ACC)

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Recent submissions:

  • Exploring Environmental Factors in the Icelandic Business Ethics Education
    Seguí-Mas, Elies; Tormo-Carbó, Guillermina; Sigurjonsson, Throstur; Arnardottir, Audur Arna (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • A New Governance Mechanism for Collective Action and Responsible Ownership
    Sigurjonsson, Throstur; Poulsen, Thomas; Jonsdottir, Gudrun (Frederiksberg, 2019)
  • Jorge, Susana; Vaz de Lima, Diana; Aggestam Pontoppidan, Caroline; Dabbicco, Giovanna (Lisabon, 2019)
  • The case of harmonised Public Sector Accounting Standards for European Union Member States
    Aggestam, Caroline; Brusca, Isabel; Chow, Danny (Frederiksberg, 2014)